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Our Story

Ever wonder, how some companies get started?  This is our story…

Our children had wanted a dog for several years but with work, kids, extra curricular activities and of course, life; we always dismissed the idea pretty quickly.  I’m not sure why, we grew up with dogs.  We love dogs.  Every so often, when our children would bring up the subject and we would get the bug to have one, but then, we would change our minds again.  It wasn’t until my husband had the opportunity to work from home that we really started thinking about getting a dog to keep him company.  We searched and search for months to find the perfect pooch.  Eventually we came across a little black female in a rescue shelter 3 hours away from our house.  So we made the trip and brought her home.  When the kids got home that day and saw her, they jumped up and down with joy.  When I think about it, I can’t believe we waited so long to have one.

Getting to know Vickie was not easy.  She was had been an abused dog and was extremely shy, she had problems eating and also problems with her stools.  We tried all kinds of foods and treats but nothing, she definitely was not a food driven dog on top of everything.  After having her for a few weeks, we almost lost her.  She all of a sudden became completely unresponsive and her breathing was really shallow.  We rushed her to the emergency vet and they said they weren’t sure what was wrong with her.  At the vet she became really dehydrated and had bloody stools.  They pumped her full of fluids and said that she most likely will not make it through the night and we should leave her there for them to keep an eye on.  We were devastated.  I can’t imagine our lives without Vickie.  I refused to leave her there since they said that there was nothing more they could do.  I called my sister (the dog expert in my family) whom has two dogs of her own and she suggested a few things I could do at home to keep Vickie hydrated and nourished.  For the next few days we nursed our little Vik back to health.  My sister suggested I start to read food labels and put Vickie on a more natural diet.  A lot of dogs can have food sensitivities and on top of that most dog food is filled with all kinds of preservatives and who knows what else.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that myself.  I mean, that’s exactly what I do with my family.  I read labels and choose the healthiest foods possible.  We went ahead and put her on a more natural diet, and within days, relieving herself was not an issue anymore.

Going through dog training classes was also not easy.  Vickie did not like any dog treats we bought and a couple she barely liked were filled with all kinds of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors.  I found out she liked cheese but I wasn’t comfortable feeding her cheese every day as a treat.  So, I started to do some research on dog treats that were being sold out there.  There weren’t many treats that were completely natural, and most still added preservatives.  I started to fumble in the kitchen making dog treats that were healthy, made with human-grade ingredients and that they would last longer than a few days in my pantry.  After a lot of reading, research and trial and error, here you have them.  Vickie loves these treats, she goes crazy when she hears a bag opening.  It doesn’t matter what flavor, she likes them all.  I gave some to my family and friends.  Then soon after, they started asking for more, and more.  I’m sure you can imagine the rest.  So that’s how Chew Factory was born.  I hope your dog enjoys these natural, healthy treats as much as Vickie does. 🙂