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Meet Vickie

Hi everyone, My name is Vickie.  My family sometimes call me “Vik” for short and there are times they call me “Victoria” when I’m being naughty.  I’m an Italian Grayhound/Dachshund mix, at least that’s what my Vet thinks.

My family rescued me from a dog shelter and brought me to my new forever home.  I love my family!!!  I like to cuddle next to the warmest body or fluffy blanket.  I love to be chased and run around really fast.  I don’t like loud noises, they scare me!  You won’t find many pictures of me because I’m camera shy, when I see one of those things with a bright flash I usually tuck tail and run.   My favorite things are my stuffed animals, they get replaced often and I’m not sure why (wink!).  But my favorite, favorite thing in the whole world are those delicious natural, healthy treats my mommy makes for me.  They’re the best!  As soon as I hear the bag opening I start drooling and thinking…which one will it be today?  I bet is the Peanut Berry, no, no, maybe is the Banana Flax.  Actually, I don’t care, they’re all so good.  Did you know that I’m the official tester?  I love my job!

I hope you all get to enjoy these treats as much as I do. Nice to meet you all…

One more thing!  Please don’t forget to support the ASPCA or local shelters.  They helped me find my forever home.