I’ve noticed some variation in color and weight on the chews I have ordered. Is this normal?

Yes, completely normal. Some chews are a darker while others are a bit lighter. There are a number of factors dictating the differences. There is a wide range of color in the fruit and vegetables themselves. The time of year these are picked also affects the color as well.   Colors and textures even vary by the drying process of each treat.  The weight each single treat varies as well due to the moisture removal during the drying process.

How long can I keep the package?

They should be eaten within 90 days from the time the package is opened.  Unopened, 9 months.  Please keep in a cool, dark place to ensure freshness.

Will the sweet potato chews stain the carpet?

No. The color does not come off the chew.   It is vegetable based, there are no off- odors, or greasiness to contend with either.

Are these treats 100% natural?

Yes, we only use human-grade ingredients.  No artificial colors or flavors.  Free of any chemical or fillers, and absolutely NO Preservatives.

What’s the size of these treats?

Our treats are hand cut and size for each treat will vary.  All sizes are fine and safe for all dogs. If you have a small breed that likes tiny treats, these can easily be broken into smaller pieces.   See each product listing for a full description.

Do dogs really like sweet potato?

Yes. There is something about sweet potato that dogs find irresistible. Once sweet potato is dehydrated, as these are, the flavor is locked in, and so are all the valuable nutrients.

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