Importance Of Grooming Your Dog

Feb 14, 2013



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Grooming your dog is very important.  Not only for the physical appearance but also it can also undercover some possible health issues.  And of course, we all like to cuddle with a good smelling furry friend.

Give him a good bath.  Bathing with a rich lather using a great dog shampoo will remove dog and fleas from your pet’s skin.  When you bathe your dog, look for any skin condition such as red spots, hair loss and flaky skin.  Most commonly these are caused by a food allergies, mold and pollen.  It is very important that you feel your dog all over.  Check for any bumps or lumps, these can be easily missed because when we pet our furry ones we don’t do it to every inch of their body at the same time.

Toe nails need to be trimmed.  Long nails can cause a dog to slip on slick floor and not have a very good grip when they walk.  Slipping can cause all kinds of issues like hip and shoulder problems, torn ACLs.  If a dog’s nail gets too long it can cause arthritis because it can cause the toes to bend in an unnatural way.

Check the ears.  Ear infections can happen if your dog gets too much moisture or if they eat too much simple sugars.   This type is usually caused by yeast.  Check for strong odors and brown tinge to the inner ear hairs.  They can also get ear mites, which is like a black goo inside the ear canal.  Some dogs are prone to ear infections, if you notice any swelling or discharge you should have him checked by a vet.

Teeth, brush, brush, brush!  You should brush your dog’s teeth regularly.  This will prevent any plaque from forming and you can avoid any issues with their teeth or gums later on.

Brushing your dog’s hair regularly will keep it shiny and from building up.  If you have long-haired breed, you need to cut it or clip it occasionally to keep him looking nice and neat.  Keeping the hair short around his eyes will give him a better view.

Check with your veterinarian or professional groomer if you’re concern with any issues regarding your dog.  After a bath, reward your dog with lots of praise and a healthy dog treat.  Remember, a clean dog is a happy dog!

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