Pet Proofing Your Home

Feb 4, 2013



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Just like children, pets can be curious about everything.  If you’re getting a pet, or already have one, there are some things you can do to prevent your furry one from getting hurt or turning your home upside down.  Trust me, applying these tips can save you hundreds of dollars on Vet bills and replacing furniture or keepsakes.dogchewingshoe

So, get down on your knees and view things at their level.  This is one of the best ways to notice things you wouldn’t normally see.  Look for possible pet hazards, anything that looks interesting or dangerous should be removed or set out of reach.  Do this regularly, as we may oversee one thing one day but notice on another.  Pets can be very clever in getting into small places or reaching for things so never assume that your four-legged friend wouldn’t get into that.

Here are some pet proofing tips to keep them safe:

  1. Child-proof latches for your cabinets.  Specially medicines and household cleaners since they can be hazardous to your pet.
  2. Loose cords and cables should be out of reach or hidden away.  Dogs and cats can chew on these or get accidentally wrapped up.
  3. Secure your garbage.  Besides worrying about the mess they will probably make, you should be concerned about the possibility of him choking on a piece of bone or plastic.
  4. Keep your toilet seat down or add a lid-lock.  Toilets are not drinking bowls and cleaning chemicals can make them ill.
  5. There a many plants that can be poisonous if chewed or ingested.  Keep them out of reach or move them to a safe area.
  6. Protect any items you’ll like to keep from a wagging tail.  Sometimes that tail gets away from our overly happy friends causing un-repairable damage to a keepsake and a scared pet.
  7. Encourage your pet to chew on their designated toys.  When pets are bored they like to chew on things.  Also, intentional destruction comes from lack of exercise and/or mental stimulation.  Coming home to a half chewed couch or your favorite pair of shoes will leave an ugly dent in the wallet.
  8. Antifreeze can be lethal to your pet.  Check your garage or driveway for possible spills or drips from your car.  Even a small amount is enough to hurt our furry ones.
  9. Pets can be attracted to the burning flame of a candle.  Keep these out of reach.  Your pet can get burned or accidentally tip the candle over and cause a fire.
  10. Set boundaries around the house.  Close doors or install safety gates to keep them out of rooms you don’t want them in.

Always be on the lookout for possible dangers around the home.  If your four-legged friend is not one to be let loose in the house while you’re away, you may want to consider purchasing a crate to keep them safe.  Praise and reward your pet for good behavior with a yummy and healthy treat.

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