Is Your Dog Allergic to Wheat, Corn or Soy?

Jan 30, 2013


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Have you ever thought about why your dog scratches his nose, has water eyes or constantly licks a part of his body?  He could be having an allergic reaction to something he has been exposed to.  There are many common allergens but one of the most overlook ones are Wheat, Corn and Soy.  That’s right!  These are one of the biggest culprits of food allergies in dogs.


Wheat, Corn and Soy are some of the most common ingredients used in commercial dog food and treats, these generally are not very good for your dog’s health.  A diet that is high in these ingredients is not really supplying your dog with a complete and balanced meal.  You will be surprised by how many dog treats and food are filled with these.

Dogs with a food allergy most commonly will have itchy skin, gastrointestinal problems or breathing difficulties.  Now, these food allergies can show up at any age.  So if your dog has been feed these ingredients his whole life it doesn’t mean he cannot be allergic to them now.  Doing an elimination diet from these products will more likely determine if your dog has an allergy or not.  If the allergy symptoms persist, you may want to consult a veterinarian.  They can do a physical examination and take a complete history from you to determine the cause.  Your Vet may recommend a skin or blood test, or a special elimination diet.

One of the biggest reasons why our Dog Treats are Wheat, Corn and Soy Free is because we believe our dogs should have a well balanced and healthy treat that is completely free of possible allergens.  We want to make your life easier by simply providing you with a healthy product that is sure to nourish your dog in the right way.

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