What’s in Commercial Dog Food?

Jan 25, 2013


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When animals are slaughtered for human consumption, there are a few things that do not get used for human food which is usually about 50% of the animal.  What’s left from the carcass – bones, head, feet, blood, unborn babies and other parts – these are used in food for dogs as well as other animals, fertilizers, soap and other products.  When you hear the word “by-product” these are the parts they’re talking about.  Big commercial companies use these in their recipes for dog food as well as their dog treats.

Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there.  The way they cook this food and the process they go through strips them away from their nutritional value.  So, what do they do?  They now have to fortify it minerals and vitamins.  Why?  Because the ingredients used in these dog foods are not wholesome and mostly of low quality.  Now, the dog treats and food they make do not taste very good and they have to add many chemicals so they can palatable.  Not to mention, all the additives, emulsifiers, antioxidants and artificial colors and flavor that provide no nutritional value to the dog food; and let’s not forget about the preservatives.  These manufacturers are just trying to make massive amounts of money by using the lowest quality ingredients and manufacturing methods.  They obviously do not care about our beloved pets.

As a pet owner, you should always look for healthier food choices.  Take a trip down the dog food isle so you can boggle your mind by all the wonderful claims dog food makers put on their labels.  There are some manufacturers out there that do care.  Compare the brands of food and dog treats and you will right away notice the healthier choice by looking at the ingredient list.  The bottom line is – all we have to do is read the label.

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